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The tragic events in Andijan in May 2005, when the Uzbek authorities prevented the terrorist attack of the militants, who had planned creating a medieval caliphate on the territory of Ferghana Valley, are gradually becoming a thing of the past.

It seems like all dots have been put, the bandits and killers have got what they deserved in accordance with the ruling of the court, which, by the way, was attended by foreign diplomats and journalists. And the propagandist and deceitful clichés like the “Andijan slaughter” or “firing at the peaceful demonstrators”, which some Western media had at that time treated their naïve readers with, have become a forgotten and unnecessary rubbish.

However, from time to time, especially during the anniversaries of the Andijan events, one can read articles on the internet, which suddenly reveal that some participants of those events, who had managed to escape abroad from the deserved punishment and found a “warm” refuge in some European capitals or the USA, not only peacefully drink whiskey in the bars, but also make speeches somewhere, unite with someone and convene something, that is, have not given up their absurd and criminal ideas.

When I first heard of creation in the German city of Düsseldorf of an organization named “Andijan – justice and revival”, where the escaped participants of the armed bands that organized the bloody slaughter in this Uzbek city in May 2005, have entrenched, there was no end to my indignation. How could they use such sacred words in the name of their criminal organization? What justice are they talking about?

I remember how in the Supreme Court building, which in 2005 hosted the trial over the Andijan events participants, many people, including foreign journalists, could hardly hold back their tears. I still cannot forget the facts spoken there. For example, there was an unsuspecting young couple, who was coming back from a maternity hospital with their relatives and a newborn baby on a Zhiguli car, when the militants opened a heavy fire on them from the submachine guns without any warning. The car turned down and most of the people died. The happy event that the big family had been expecting impatiently turned into a bloody nightmare. And these degenerates are now calling for “justice” and “revival”?

When I learnt that someone called N.Maksudov is heading this organization, I asked myself bewilderedly: is he that Nurillo Maksudov, the killer and provoker, the akromist and bandit, who was one of the active organizers of the bloody unrest in Andijan in May 2005? How can this be true? It turned out it can…

It was this native of Andijan region, who stained himself with blood and concrete crimes, that become the “watcher” over the akromists who built their nest in Germany.

Maksudov got involved in Akromiya back in 1996, and on the personal order of the creator of this extremist organization Akrom Yuldashev, he was assigned to be the leader of the so called “vosita” in Andijan. Under the leadership of Nurillo, weekly meetings with young people on the book “The way to truth” were held, where the necessity for creation of the medieval caliphate and the overthrowing of the current ruling regimes in the whole Central Asia was substantiated.

In February 2005, Maksudov and his accomplices organized a picket near the Andijan city court building. During the tragic events in this city in May 2005, he was the leading member of staff and one of the main organizers of the terrorist acts, pogroms and killings of innocent people. In particular, it was according to his order that the city’s prosecutor and three military servicemen were shot. He personally opened fire towards the military, provoking them to backfire, while he was hiding behind the peaceful citizens.

After the failure of the terrorist action, Maksudov with other remaining bandits and akromists escaped to Kyrgyzstan, where he stayed in the camp of the “refugees”, created by the UNHCR. He then managed to receive the “refugee” status and was taken to Germany where he currently lives with his family.

That is the person, whose real place is in prison, but who has become the leader of the “justice and revival” organization. So what are the goals of this organization?

The main one is “rehabilitation of the participants of the May 2005 events in Andijan”. It is clear that by “participants” one should understand those who destroyed, killed and burnt. It is true that this organization provides certain financial help to those who “suffered” as a result of the tragic events in Andijan, but for some reason only to the close relatives of the organization’s leaders.

Nurillo Maksudov regularly provides care about his relatives who remained in Andijan. They boast before their neighbors that they monthly receive several thousands of dollars from Nurillo. By the way, the Charter of the “Andijan – justice and revival” organization clearly state, that its main goal is providing humanitarian help to the refugees, the exiled and the (formerly) imprisoned, as well as members of their families, but in no way for supporting the relatives of the leader of the party, who lives abroad.

As one can see, large financial resources, annually gathered by Germany’s akromists, are used for not so “noble” goals…

Reading the abovementioned articles, one gets amazed by the hypocrisy of some representatives of the Western countries, who like speaking about democracy, rule of law and other human values, but when it comes to real deeds they don’t mind giving shelter to real bandits and killers. It should not come as a coincidence that in one of the Swiss cities the leaders of a party, which names itself as an oppositional to the present authorities of Uzbekistan, held meetings with Nurillo Maksudov to discuss issues of uniting the “Uzbek opposition”. Indeed, birds of a feather flock together…

Nobody in Uzbekistan knows anything about this “opposition” in Uzbekistan. They have no clear program or constructive proposals about the future of our country. Their uniting with inveterate killers demonstrates a lot, and firstly their real plans and intentions, which have nothing in common with peaceful goals.

Even more surprising are certain statements of the representatives of this elite, who, speaking from high tribunes, at times stress that Akromiya is a moderate movement, and akromists are peaceful believers. This is not a clear folly or a deep thoughtlessness, but a gross slander and hypocrisy, which will sooner or later boomerang against the very authors of these “profound” conclusions.

The role of the akromists in the Andijan events for all objectively thinking people is unambiguous and causes no doubt. Hundreds of those who suffered from these people’s hands demanded the most serious punishment for the terrorists at the open trial in the Supreme Court in 2005, in the presence of the foreign correspondents. They demanded justice with tears in their eyes, because they witnessed how “peaceful” akromists killed their relatives, burnt the cinema house and cars, drove the residents of Andijan with the butts of their guns to the “peaceful” demonstration…

Inomjon Zaynitdinov
(To be continued)

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